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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Visit with President Obama at CREE, Leading LED Light Manufacturer, Durham, NC – June 13, 2011

What I will remember most about this event is:

Not the programmatic words that I have heard the President speak before or the reaffirming comments on the work we had completed that morning but the experience of being part of a moment in history with an audience of dignitaries, politicians, educators, thought leaders of all spectrums and CREE workers to see and hear from our President, the President of these United States of America. He was personal, authentic, and transparent in person as in the media, with a comfortable, accessible style, yet embodied all of the character of the office of President. As my good friend Cynthia Marshall, President AT&T of North Carolina, said to me, “He’s my (emphasis on my) President, I am simply sharing him with everyone else.” My sentiments exactly. And to reflect while sitting there, that I was given the chance to have a voice to be heard and help make a difference in accomplishing his Jobs Council agenda.

Although there was not an opportunity to speak directly to the President, I was left with a personal moment of connection when his caravan was leaving and as I was aggressively seeking to get that last picture of him in the Presidential car as it passed, he waived good-bye to me. Sometimes, it’s the small things that make the moment.

The final assessment of the day was that I expanded my knowledge, imparted my insights, connected with some new networks of opportunity and was honored to be in the presence of President Barack Obama.

That’s what life in America was for me today!

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